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Twitter To Remove Media and Others from Counting in Character Limit

Sometimes last week, we were quite informed that Twitter would launching another update, and as we would have expected, the updated landed upon us...
Samsung XnSPY

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery “Can” Blow up: Here is the reason

There have been recent rantings about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and battery issues, which as reported, tends to Blow up, just the way...
Google Project ara

Google is Saying a good bye to Project Ara

Sometime this year, we saw the rise of modular smartphones and as i suggested, it was the next big thing (Actually what i though)...

WhatsApp’s New Policy isn’t Turning Out Good For Them

If you have been following the latest news on regards Tech and the likes, you probably should be aware about WhatsApp's latest update to...

WhatsApp To Start Sharing Your Data With Facebook

Even though I saw this coming, I never expected, this (WhatsApp Sharing Users Data with Facebook) to be this fast, may be in a...

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