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top best tablets for students

Top 20 Cheap Android Tablets for College Students

There are lots of cheap Android tablets available at various retail outlets both online and offline but not all are worth banking on. Today's...
facebook pride activation guide

Facebook Pride Reaction: How to Activate & Use on PC/Android Devices

Facebook is allowing its users to celebrate this month with the new Pride reaction. If you haven't noticed, one of the social media giants "Facebook"...
Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 Global Launch Date, Features and Prices

  The Samsung galaxy S8 has been on trend since its announcement, many rumors have been heard about the specs, features, and launch date. The smartphone...


GDG DEVFEST SE 2016, GDG UNN speaks Port Harcourt with its luxury hotels, solid old structures and quite a number of Church Billboards was home...

Twitter To Remove Media and Others from Counting in Character Limit

Sometimes last week, we were quite informed that Twitter would launching another update, and as we would have expected, the updated landed upon us...

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